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   Jan 22

Beautiful classroom toy products: color doodle board, touch tablet computers and game board


Good craft toys co., LTD. Product: environmental graffiti color plate, ingenuity, draw more and better picture; Fun game board, training to enhance children various aspects ability, enhance the parent-child relationship; Touch tablet computer, let children experience a new trend, “apple revolution” in the game to learn all kinds of Musical Instruments playing; Sudoku, full of challenge and fun, cultivate children’ logical thinking ability; Maze game, exercise the player’s thinking ability, balance and reaction ability.

Wholesale Water Doodle Mat

Color HM1310C doodle board

Suitable for ages: 3 years of age or older

Graffiti is introduced: this wonderful color palette by a color of magnetic plate, sliding grater and graffiti pen, let your child in this small doodle board, to use his intelligence, write to draw more and better pictures, this is the baby enlightenment partners, the cradle of success.

Selling point: environmental protection material, smooth edge, high density magnetic powder sketchpad, calligraphy and painting line more clear fluid.

Shearing HM1652C

Suitable for ages: 3 years of age or older

Is introduced: the design of this kind of “shearing” funny games for children play games at the same time, enhance the capacity of children’ arithmetic, training hand-eye coordination, improve parent-child relationship. Players according to the dice and answer math card “shearing”, the first in the sheep’s children for the winner of the game.

Selling point: a sense of accomplishment, arithmetic ability, communication ability, parent-child interaction, digital cognitive ability.

   Jan 13

Thousands of inferior toys were broken in Australia before Christmas

 New South Wales, Australia fair trade ministry cheked a large number of toys and thousands of inferior toys were broken.

    Minister A.K. Antony said that day, Robert NSW fair trade department examined a total of 1103 children’s products production line, and 1813 pieces of electronic products, including Christmas lights, decoration, lamp cord, chargers, and adapters.

    After the Christmas season retailers raids, fair trade eventually identified 63 species of hazardous toys and products, as well as unqualified 48 kinds of electronic equipment. Thousands of pieces of “toys” on the same day was breaking, machine destruction.

    Robert said, the businessman is selling dangerous toys put economic interests in the children’s safety before practice, “this is unacceptable.” He also said that fair trade this year will be to seek the aid of the Supreme Court, to prohibit illegal businessmen continue to operate.

Robert suggested that buy to all children products should be examined for authentication marks, especially electronic goods must be in a reputable store to buy, “don’t pursue cheap to buy, you may be in make fun of his own life,” he said.Thousands of inferior toys were broken before Christmas in New South Wales after a check made by the fair trade department.

   Jan 09

Living garbage recycling disposable tableware, paper plates, DIY toys, DIY craft lifelike UFO model

Living garbage recycling

Children with endless imagination and creativity, if he wants you to do together with him a have never seen a UFO, how would you go to help him to realize this idea. In the low carbon under practical manual DIY tutorial, to share how to use the common life waste production model of the children’ version of the UFO.

children's  special UFO toys on dhgate

Needed materials: disposable plates, disposable paper cup, stick a drill or glass beads, hot melt adhesive, paint, paper

The method of making the living garbage recycling children UFO illustration:

1, with the silver paint color in one-time disposable paper cups and plates.

2, waste paper twist into a rope, dish out a slightly smaller than the disposable plate circle, put it between two sheets of disposable plates, can play a supporting role, completes the UFO is not so easy to collapse without support from the middle.

3, the disposable plates with hot melt adhesive, paper, disposable paper cups together.

4, with hot melt adhesive stick drill and glass beads one by one, decorative adhere to the surface of a UFO.

5, children complete model of the UFO.




   Jan 02

High end and decent the global top ten high-tech children toys

  For parents, the smiles of their children is one of the most precious thing, and in this high-tech age, the high-tech products not only belong to the adults but to the children.

    Currently. America famous high-tech media handled the “global top ten high-tech children toys”, and in the following are the details:

1.Playskool Rocktivity Mix n Crawl DJ Ball

children toys-Playskool Rocktivity Mix n Crawl DJ Ball

Price: $19.99

    Playskool Rocktivity Mix n Crawl DJ Ball is a instrument-shape children educational toys, music player functions concurrently. After the children will open it, DJ Ball can deduce all sorts of music and songs. In addition, children can personally using the buttons on the keyboard to change the music tune.

2.Learning Journey International Go Green Recycle Truck

Price: $34.99

    The Learning Journey International Go Green Recycle Truck is a very helpful for children’s intelligence development toys, through The different combination of colors and sounds, The toy can teach a child The basic shapes and colors. For some older children, The Learning Journey International Go Green Recycle Truck will be attached to The built-in word to help children learn language, and perhaps even through an external remote control to remote control The toys.

3, Hot Wheels Car Maker

Price: $49.99

    In short, Hot Wheels Car Maker is a model of toy that can help in making your bed room a auto city. Hot Wheels Car Maker has 11 models of different colors rod wax and three models of chassis for users to choose from. And the children can insert the rod wax into the mold and to create his own cars according to the voice. Besides, the users can also to buy different chassis and different colors of rod wax to create more different car models.

    What worth noting is that, the distinctive feature of this toy lies in that all the car molds can be restored and let the children to use once more. So this is a kind of economical toy to some extend.

    The three toys, namely,  Playskool Rocktivity Mix n Crawl DJ Ball,The Learning Journey International Go Green Recycle Truck, Hot Wheels Car Maker, all have their own characteristics, and they are the top three among the top ten high-tech toys globally.

4, Crayola DigiTools Paint Pack

Price: $39.99

    The developers of Crayola DigiTools Paint Pack believe that the painting applications that based on the tablet computer are too complex for the children, so they hope this model of product can get rid of the complex operation steps and let the children enjoy freely. It was understood that Crayola DigiTools Paint Pack launched various softwares for the children, which have inbuilt digital 3D touch pen and 3D glasses, which can let the children create the shining painting designs. And the children can also use the number seal to create what they like spontaneously.

5. IBitz Club Penguin PowerKey

Price: $34.99

    IBitz Club Penguin PowerKey is a bit like a specially designed for children users launch the Fitbit bracelet, only the toy is bound in the child’s use of LACES. IBitz Club Penguin PowerKey developers hope that through this gadget time record of the children physical exercise, the principle behind it is to let the children as his little pet, and the little pet need through the children movement and exercise to stay healthy, the motion data can be uploaded to a smart phone. The message pointed out that an enhanced iBitz Club Penguin PowerKey will come out soon, the new version will allow users to personalize choose their own pet type and appearance.

6. The LeapPad Ultra

6. The LeapPad Ultra

Price: $149

    Tablet computer manufacturer LeapFrog launched a 7 inch preschooling tablet LeapPad Ultra for children, this can help the parents to tech their children with the high-tech products. It was understood that LeapPad Ultra has 7 inch screen, 8GB inbuilt memory and rear and front camera. The body was made by firm plastic material, and it also has the physical Home button navigation control button. Furthermore, LeapPad Ultra adopts more firm shell material so as to protect the damage conditions caused by the children.

Currently, LeapPad Ultra offers kmore than 800 models of children applications, and its operation has been handled by professional customization, which will be more convenient for children to use.

7, SmartLab Toys Demolition Lab: Triple Blast Warehouse

Price: $39.99

    Even though this toy’s name sounds like the prelude song of a famous trilogy movie,yet SmartLab Toys Demolition Lab: Triple Blast Warehouse is a kind of building educational toy that can be dismantled into many parts. This toy demands the children to build a huge building at first, and then explode the building on the condition that the “surrounding residents will not be affected”.

    Crayola DigiTools Paint Pack, iBitz Club Penguin PowerKey, LeapPad Ultra, SmartLab Toys Demolition Lab: Triple Blast Warehouse all have their own features as well as similarities, they are really decent.

 8. H?nz Toys The Launcher

 Price: $65

     H?nz Toys The Launcher is a kind of education toy that can be built to numerous buildings, for the curious children, this toy is their best pal in their spare time.

9.LittleBits Deluxe Kit

LittleBits Deluxe Kit

 Price: $199

    LittleBits Deluxe Kit is a kind of pre-schooling education toy that made of many electric appliances, they can be made into numerous electric appliances through different collocations. And all the building work was done by magnet, not by electricity, so the parents will be at ease to let their children to play with these toys.

10. Leap Motion

Leap Motion

Price: $80

    Leap Motion is a high sense of 3 d body equipment, precision can be compatible with PC and Mac devices at the same time, research and development of Leap Motion by the same company. Users can use fingers, was carried out on the computer from a distance, including zooming, writing and so on, all kinds of operation, very convenient. Say simply, Leap Motion by two cameras to capture the infrared leds to illuminate the hand image, then the triangulation calculate finger relative position in the space. Leap Motion recognition range roughly equipment above the top 25 to 600 mm, identify space is basically a four inverted pyramid. In theory, Leap Motion precision can be realized in this space is 0.01 mm Motion perception, equipment delay probably about 5-10 milliseconds.

    For the children suers, the meaning of this device is that it can interact with computer without the help of mouse and keyboard so as to develop their imagination. Some reports point out that since Leap Motion was launched in July, 22th, the application procedure shop Airspace was downloaded by 1 million times in three weeks. Furthermore, the application number in this application shop is still increasing.

    Among the top 10 globally high-tech toys, H?nz Toys The Launcher, LittleBits Deluxe Kit, Leap Motion are of great importance.

   Dec 27

Intelligent children toy Toymail: let the child no longer addicted to mobile phones are better able to interact with

Toymail is a smart toys for children. In addition to having a lovely modeling, Toymail as a difference in children’ toys, parents can be remote calls through it with their children, and parents said in a funny cartoon voice broadcast.

Want to talk to kids remote calls, can use mobile phone, but the child self-control is poor, and worry that he is addicted to mobile games, this time the parents do? Toymail is a good choice. Parents through the phone APP to record a passage Toymail, sent to Toymail, Toymail recorded words can be played in a fun, animated voice to children. Believe everyone played “talking TOM cat,” compared to common voice, with a better play of cartoon images and sound to show, may be more affected by children like. Of course, the user can also choose to send the original directly.

Intelligent children toy Toymail


The principle is simple, toy Toymail built-in WIFI, every 7 minutes, Toymail will check whether there is a new message in “email”. If you have new message, Toymail will remind, can press button to listen to the children. Toymail will remind children reply message. Of course, only by applying for approval to unicom Toymail, stranger is no way to send messages to the toy.

Someone will question, is this “talking TOM cat” fit and micro letter? More than that. Toymail also provides a “daily mail” service, the service Toymail every day to send a message, the message may be a song, a life common sense, may also is a famous saying, children in addition to interact with their parents, also can learn new knowledge. Toymail team also pledged to “push” of news every day will not weigh appearance.

   Dec 19

The head of a bed hangs a toy can let the baby to cross eyed?

Mom said, the head of a bed hangs a toy, the baby into a cross eyed

Really like this?

Infant may appear “eyes”, pediatric experts say, the head of a bed hangs a toy, as long as the time is not too long, general won’t appear to eye problems, parents need not worry too, but the baby eyes in the developmental stages, had better not let the children long time focus on something.

The baby was born in the first few months, regulate the eyeball activities of muscle growth is not perfect, the eyes of the common coordinated movement ability is bad, the baby’s nasal bone not development, two eyes at close range, the young parents and their children when eye always feel the baby seems to be to eye.

This for most children, it belongs to temporary normal physiology phenomenon, general 2-3 months after the baby at the eyes of the common ability can be well developed.

Children born in 2 months later, vision enhancement.

If you want to decoration toys, objects, must be 1.5 meters, and often change toy position.

At the same time, but also increase the eyeball rotation frequency.

The baby in the cradle in the time cannot too long, the parents should be a period of time will baby up, take a turn, let the child can see all the things around them, in order to increase the baby’s eye rotation frequency.


   Dec 12

The Types Of Kite Structure

1. The board kite

This is the people usually said flat-shaped kite. This kite is easy to fly, has a good soaring performance, suitable for various subjects, which is the children favorite one kind of kites.

2. The hard-wings kite

This wing skeleton of kite is made of the up and down bamboo, the edge of both side is high, the middle is slightly concave, the end of wings tilt backward to allow the wind can escape from the bottom of wings, look it at the eye level, likes a gold ingot shape.

3. Soft-wings kite

Its wings are constituted by a main wing, the latter part of wings is soft, without the main bar attachment. This kite can express a range of topics, has more types, has the birds, insects hemes, which are commonly imitated when produce the kite, the techniques of this kite is sublime.

4. The string type kite

The string type is tie a few of the same or different kites on one lines or multiple lines like the candied fruit to fly.

5. the free type kite

The free type kite is not included in the above categories based on its shape.

   Dec 02

What Are the Benefits Of Flaying A Kite for Human Body?

Kite rehabilitation therapy” has get the unexpected affect of rehabilitation in treating neurasthenia, depression, mood upset, insomnia, forgetfulness, loss appetite, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, poor children’s development, mental retardation and other various diseases. At the same time, it has a good effect in regulating the vision, eliminating eye muscle fatigue, improving myopia.

A Kite for Human Body

It is a brain gym, only handle the relationship between the kite and the wind, can allow players use their minds.

Before flaying a kite, you should know the strength and speed of the wind. When the wind strength is enough, pick up the kite line and run forward against the wind, until you feel the tensile force, the kite is slowly climbing up, stop to release the line. When the wind is weak, run backward quickly and recover the line. If the kite has a downward tend, you must quickly recover some lines, until the kite can fly on the sky, do not fall. When the wind suddenly strengthened, the kite is swing with a overlarge gradient, it may be coming down, there are two ways to control this situation: the one is quickly release the line, the other one is quickly run forward , they all can ease the strength of swing. Sometimes the wind is pausing, the kite is falling down, you should gently shake the kite and run backward , if there is no way back, quickly recover the line.


   Nov 29

The significance oh choosing the toy for children

educational  learning toys Baby is growing in the game, and toys in the child’s growth process always play a very important role, it can exercise the muscle, and promote the development of the enlightenment movement, the child’s mind; Children in the game, and constantly to experience success and failure, freedom and rules, process and results, the feel of fun at the same time, enrich the connotation of his personality. Toys have a variety of types and functions, the toy of different types, to the child the influence and function are different. Children through the toys to know me and the objective world. Therefore, in order to let the child can grow up healthy in the game, the parents should be reasonably selected toys.


Parents choose such toys should pay attention to: (1) easy to clean; (2) the colorful; (3) non-toxic; (4) the fine workmanship, resistant to play, no disorderly thread; (5) the small toy clasp, eyes, adornment small beads won’t fall off, etc. Still can buy for baby bent mechanical toys, such as rooster leap to jump, bear dancing, the small white rabbit sway head, PP bear teach you sing, learn tang poetry, etc. Can give 9 months baby some can open, and can be combined together toys, to help him put down, put down again, he will feel interesting. But take apart the toy must be large enough, if is too small, the baby will put it in mouth swallowed, or plug into the ear canal, eyes and nostrils the breath of life, and so dangerous.

   Nov 22

The Malaysian Kite Customs

stunt kitesThe Malaysians like flying a kite, especially children. These can be traced back to a few centuries ago, which is said to pay tribute to the rice god. There was a legend: long long ago, a poor farmer met a lost girl in the fields, he brough the girl back home, took good care of her, the girl grown more and more beautiful, he and his fellow villagers harvest became better and better. But his wife was jealous of her, and took the girl out of house, since then, the harvest of village became worse and worse. Originally she was the rice god. Someone told him that he must did a beautiful thing and put it in the air where the rice god live, to show remorse. So the farmer did a kite. With the flying kite, people lived a rich life again.

The length of Malaysian kite is about one meter to two meters, the width and lengths is similar. Making a kite is quite exquisite. The Malaysian kites have the fish shape, the eagles shape, cats shape,parrots shape, etc. While the people favorite is the moon kite. the moon kite is named for this moon shape, some of this kites seem like the bird, some like the fish, but do not lose the crescent shape features. In the official formal occasions, the Malay girls often carefully make the beautiful moon kite to welcome the guests.